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Make beats? Grab one of my  drum or sound kits below!

**NEW** JAYE NTRXN's Risen Waves Kit

This soundkit contains the sound effects that are in both "Jaye Neutron Soundkit Vol.1 & 2", plus I've also added a few extra sound effects I felt would be nice to add in this kit. Hope you all can enjoy this!

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Jaye Neutron Soundkit Vol. 1

This is my very first official soundkit release. These aren't just some old sounds that I no longer use. All of the sounds that come in this kit are sounds that i currently use today. I've even made some extra sound raising effects just to add in this kit that I'm sure a lot of you will like also.

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Jaye Neutron Soundkit Vol. 2

The second edition to Vol. 1. Contains more of my personal favorite sounds that I often use in my beats. Total Kit Size - 101 SOUNDS / 171 MB

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