Jaye Neutron Voice Tags


Jaye Neutron Voice Tags

from 35.00

What are tags? Tags are used by Producers & DJ's to protect their music & to let their listeners know who is responsible for their beat(s) and mixes. (If there is a delay on the turnaround, you will be notified by e-mail.)

  • 24 to 72 hour turn around
  • 7 Male and Female Vocalists Available On VoiceTagGods.com
  • Will receive voice tags with both FX and DRY
  • Will receive all voice tags in high quality ".WAV" format
  • Voice Tags are NON-REFUNDABLE after voice tag has been SENT to e-mail.
  • You may have two (2) FREE revisions of voice tag(s) if unsatisfied with sent material. Afterwards it is $5.00 per revision.
  • Make sure you're are positive about what you want your voice tag to say. Changing phrases does not count as a revision. You must buy another voice tag if you want to change what your voice tag says. 
  • All voice tags are sent to your registered PayPal email address.  

- How to order? Simply start by choosing how many voice tags you would like buy in the drop box below.

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